About Us

GVPL provides services at 11 libraries and through our website to almost 300,000 residents in 10 municipalities.


We build community and support literacy and lifelong learning by providing free access to information, space, tools and expertise.


Your place to connect, discover and imagine.


Our work is guided by the following values:

  • Collaboration: We engage and work in partnership to meet community needs
  • Inclusiveness: We respect diversity and provide open access for all in welcoming physical and virtual spaces
  • Service Excellence: We provide high quality library service that is responsive to the community
  • Innovation: We commit to continuous improvement in library service delivery
  • Intellectual Freedom: We uphold the Canadian Library Association’s position on intellectual freedom and the equitable access to and exchange of information, ideas and creativity
  • Public Accountability: We make transparent decisions that are fiscally sound and measurable
  • Sustainability: We deliver reliable and relevant services and remain resilient in times of change

(Appoved by the GVPL Board 2016)