If you are a publisher or supplier of material that you would like added to the Library collection please contact Collections & Technical Services Coordinator Rina Hadziev at 250-940-4875 ext. 141.

If you are an author, please submit a Suggest a New Title form to bring your creative work to the attention of the Library’s materials selectors.

For all other purchasing services please contact Purchasing Advisor Bonnie Fraser at 250-940-4875 ext. 360.

Selling to the Greater Victoria Public Library

The Greater Victoria Public Library is conscious of its responsibility in the expenditure of public funds. The scope of our activities involves the acquisition of goods and services.

We maintain a competitive bidding process in accordance with municipal and provincial laws. We are encouraging and seeking the participation of all qualified vendors in bidding for the Library’s various contracts and projects.


The mandate of the Purchasing Advisor is to purchase materials (other than material for the library collection), supplies, equipment, rentals and services when required by the various Branches, as economically as possible with due regard for price, availability, quality and service, so as to provide the Library with the best value. This is accomplished by standardization and competitive bidding on the basis of adequate specifications whenever possible. In addition, the Purchasing Advisor is also responsible for disposal of surplus materials and equipment.

Who Buys for the Greater Victoria Public Library?

As noted above, all purchasing is done by the Purchasing Advisor. If consultation with others in our workforce is desirable, we will arrange an appointment with the right person.

When Do We Purchase?

The Purchasing process is initiated by the Purchasing Officer upon request, or by receipt of a Requisition of Purchase Order from a using department, with appropriate authorization. The requisition specifies the type of materials/services desired, and is used to ensure that adequate funds are available. The buyer assigned to that particular commodity would determine which purchasing process would be most effective as per the Purchasing Policy. Purchases are made from local, provincial, national, and international sources of supply, depending upon the nature and type of purchase.

Tenders, Requests for Proposals, and Expressions of Interest

Opportunities are given public notification by way of advertisement and/or concurrently on the Greater Victoria Public Library and the BC Bid web site. For more information review our Purchasing Policy.