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Great News!


Late charges for children's DVDs and Blu-rays have been reduced from $1.50/day to $0.30/day.

The fine for Kids Fastviews remains $1.50/day.


Looking for a list of the Red Cedar Nominees?

Look no further!  Here is a list of the 2014 Fiction and Information Award Nominees!

Got a problem in middle school? Don't know who to turn to? Look no further. Make your way down to the fourth stall of the boys bathroom where Mac and Vince have set up shop. They'll solve any problem for you. But Mac and Vince have problems of their own.  When a new Vice Principal comes to town, he's determined to administer the hardest State wide test -- SMARTS and bring them down!  With help from friends and teachers, Mac and Vince do everything they can to make sure the school passes the test.