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 Skill Builder Adaptive Toy Kits

Skill Builders logo no outline Announcing our new collection of fun toys, specially selected for kids with developmental and physical challenges. Great for all families! Learn more about our Skill Builder Adaptive Toy Kits.

Readers to Go Collection for Kids

As any parent knows, you need a lot of books to keep your child engaged on the road to reading! Checking out a Readers to Go bag is an easy way to provide your emerging reader with a variety of books suited to their reading development.Readers to Go bags can be signed out for three weeks on an adult library card.

French Collections for Kids & Teens

We have a great selection of French book, CDs and DVDs for kids and teens!  Check out the latest additions to our library collections plus our staff booklists of Funny French Picture Books, Easy to Read French Books, andBilingual Picture Books (English & French).

Reading Buddies

Does your child need a little help with reading? For children currently in (or just completed) Grades 1 to 4, Reading Buddies provides reading practice, literacy-based activities, and fun with volunteer teen Big Buddies.  Is your teen looking for volunteer hours, like working with children and enjoy reading? Reading Buddies provides an opportunity for teens aged 13-18 to volunteer and be a mentor. Visit our Reading Buddies page for more details.


Supporting Early Literacy

Early literacy is all the skills your children are learning about reading and writing before they’re ready to do it themselves.  Sing along in our programs, play in our spaces, read and talk about books from our collection, or write a story about your trip to the library. These are all early literacy practices that you can do together — and we can help!  Learn more on our Young Children page.

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