Book Review Club: All That and a Bag of Chips

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How it Works

  1. Get a free book. Come to any GVPL Branch between July 4 and August 29, and ask to choose a Book Review Club book.
  2. Read the book. If you can’t get into it, bring it back and exchange it for something else. Or, you can suffer through and give it a bad review, but it’s more fun to read something you like.
  3. Review the book
  4. Come back and choose another book. Repeat steps 1-3.
  5. NEW: Read your reviews on our All That Tumblr page.

Some Review-Writing Tips

Provide a short summary and then tell us what you thought of the book. Tell us something about the plot, pacing, characters, setting, tone, or other elements. Who do you recommend this book to?

Don’t even think about cutting and pasting out of Goodreads (or any other source). Plagiarism stinks and we want to know what YOU think.

No spoilers, please.


Q: Can I review a book that I borrowed from the library? A: Sure, why not!

Q: Can I review a book that I didn’t get at the library? A: Sure, why not!

Q: I don’t have a GVPL card, now what? A: If you are eligible for a GVPL card, set one up when you come in.

Q: I lost my GVPL card, now what? A: Come in and request a replacement card.

Q: I think I had a GVPL card a long time ago. How do I check? A: If your card is expired, we can update it. (What ID do I need?)

Q: I kinda have a lot of fines on my card. What do I do? A: Come talk to us. We can help.

Q: Can I have chips every time? A: Nice try. Chips on the first time only; books every time.


  • For ages 10-18
  • Must have GVPL card
  • Any GVPL branch
  • Runs from July 4 to August 29


GRAND PRIZE: $100 gift card to the store of your choice

MORE PRIZES: One of two $50 gift cards to the store of your choice

(Also—all the free books, all summer long)

Special Thanks

Thank you to our sponsors for a generous supply of giveaway books.

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Questions? Contact teens@gvpl.ca