TumbleBooks & TumbleBookCloud FAQS

What is Tumblebooks?

TumbleBooks began as a database of animated picture books for children and soon expanded to novels and plays, including classics, with sound, music and narration.  While the ebooks can be read online, they can also be listened to as they are read aloud. They are not downloadable to devices.

What is the difference between Tumblebooks and TumbleBookCloud?

TumbleBookCloud (formerly called TumbleReadables) is the ebook component of TumbleBooks.  It is an online collection of read-along titles for elementary, middle and high school students which features adjustable online text and complete audio narration.  Sentences are highlighted as they are read, and the pages turn automatically.  The collection includes chapter books, early readers, teen novels, classics of American and English literature and more.

Do I need any special equipment or device?

Yes, TumbleBookCloud requires Adobe Flash Player.

Where do I find the TumbleBooks app?

The mobile TumbleBooks app can be found in the App Store for an iOS device and in the Google Play store for an Android device. The app is only for TumbleBooks, not for TumbleBookCloud.