Suggest a Program

We welcome program proposals and suggestions. To make your suggestion, please fill out one of the following forms:

**Please note that we are currently accepting proposals for 2016.

  • Program Proposal form (Proposals from authors, presenters and performers). Please be aware that completing this form is not a guarantee that your program will be selected.
  • Share Your Program Idea (Suggestions from the public). All suggestions will be read and considered by a staff member. Due to the volume of suggestions, we are not able to reply to your suggestion.

To see what we are currently offering, view our online program calendar for program listings.


1. How are programs selected?

Programs are first vetted by a program coordinator and reviewed by one of our programming committees.

2. What are your criteria for selection?

Community interest, presenter quality and reputation, fits within GVPL’s Strategic Plan, budget, associated with a community partnership.

3. I’ve forgotten what suggestions I submitted. Can I find out what I have already suggested?

Due to the volume of suggestions, we are not able to provide a record of your previous suggestions. Please keep a copy of your suggestions.