Holds & Item Notifications

Email notifications are automatically sent if you have an email address associated with your library account. To add or change an email address please fill out the following form.

Hold Notifications

You will receive an email when your hold becomes available. (You will be told the last day it will be held for you. It will be held until the local closing time on that day.)

Items on hold stay on the hold shelf for 5 days. If we have your e-mail address, we can provide you with helpful notification reminders by e-mail. You can have up to 60 holds at a time on your card.

Due Date (Courtesy) Notifications

You will receive a Courtesy Notice email 2 days prior to your materials being due. Please note: not receiving a Courtesy Notice does not exempt fines from being applied to your account.

Overdue Notifications

  • 2 days, 14 days and 28 days after an item is due;
  • 45 days after an item is due a bill for full replacement cost will be sent out. The Library does not accept donations of materials in lieu of fines or replacement costs.

Please note: Unpaid charges of $25.00 or more will result in referral to a collection agency.

For more information about these reminders, or to opt out of this service, please speak with staff at your any GVPL branch or ask using our feedback form.

Phone Notifications

You can be notified of your holds and overdue items by automated phone message if you prefer. Please note that automated ‘due date courtesy notification’ calls are not available and that patrons must choose either email OR phone notification. Automated calls cannot be made to numbers including extensions.

Technical Considerations

Our email notifications are sent from: enotices@gvpl.ca. If you set filters in your email system to high security our e-mail address may appear as “spam”. To fix this, try entering gvpl.ca as a domain you’re willing to accept e-mail from.