Book Club Sets

It’s difficult for book clubs to find enough copies for all their members. We’ve made it easier by offering specially selected titles in sets of 10 copies for an extended loan period of six weeks. We’ve also included, when available, a reading guide for each title in the collection.

Browse our catalogue for Book Club Sets and our Low Vision Book Club Sets.

A Book Club Set will be signed out to one GVPL library cardholder from each book club who will assume responsibility for returning the Book Club Set to the library. The sets may be placed “on hold” and picked up at the library location nearest you. Book clubs can have two sets checked out per library card to allow for a change over at the book club meeting.

How to borrow a set?

The set will be checked out on the library card of the person picking up the set. Each set consists of 10 copies of the book and will circulate as an entire set. The set will be placed in a GVPL cloth bag along with the reading guide for ease of handling its pick up and return. The set will be sent to the branch location indicated as the “home” location on the library card requesting the hold.

How to return a set?

The complete set (all 10 copies) should be returned in the cloth bag with the reading guide to the Circulation Desk of your nearest library branch. DO NOT place the set in the book return chute because the set will come apart in the book return chute and delay the turnaround period for the next borrower.

Lost book? Returned late? Set renewal?

It’s very important to return all items together in the cloth bag (books plus reading guide) and on time since other book clubs are waiting. The set is not considered returned unless complete. If material is returned late the late return charge is $1.50 a day. If your group happens to lose a book(s) you will be charged the replacement cost for each book lost. There will be no renewals since the loan period has already been extended to six weeks and these items are in high demand.

How to suggest a new set?

Want to make a suggestion for a new set? You can do so through our Suggestion for Purchase form.