DVD & Blu-ray

Did you know you can borrow DVDs and Blu-rays from the library for free? We have movies for all ages, tastes and interests.

Adult DVDs

The adult DVD collection has a broad range of titles, and includes:

  • blockbusters
  • mainstream feature films
  • independent films
  • classics
  • Canadian films
  • world language films
  • selected TV series
  • award winners
  • teen appeal
  • documentaries
  • high-interest Informational topics (wellness, painting, travel, performance, etc.)

DVDs in the regular collection may be reserved for pickup at any location through the holds system. A Fastviews browsing collection provides additional copies of current, high-demand DVDs; these items are not holdable, and have a shorter loan period.

Children’s DVDs

The children’s DVD collection consists of films created for a preschool or school-age audience, including a selection of:

  • feature films
  • popular children’s animated TV series and
  • films adapted from  children’s picture books or based on children’s book characters
  • high-interest informational topics (trucks, dinosaurs, animals, etc)
  • award winners


We introduced a collection of Blu-rays in 2011. Blu-rays last longer than DVDs, have a higher definition picture, excellent sound and added features. They can be played on a Blu-ray player or a Playstation 3 console. This collection includes adult and children’s titles that are only being released on Blu-ray, as well as a selection of other feature films. Like DVDs, there are Blu-rays in both the regular collection and the Fastviews collection.

Can’t find It in our Collection? Contact us for alternatives!

For information on borrowing, loan periods and overdues, see Borrowing.