2015 Emerging Local Authors A-B

Esselle Aar & Professor D. Aar
ESSELLE and D. AAR are retired University of Toronto professors, transported to the West Coast in 2002. When not travelling abroad, they are more or less sessile in downtown Victoria, BC.
A’ Jock Tamson’s Bairns: Collected Essays and Graphic Short Stories from the Streets of Victoria, as Told by Archibald Hamish MacAllister
Life on the streets of Victoria from the point of view of a fictional character, Archibald Hamish MacAllister, in the form of personal narrative essay and comic book-style short stories.
Publisher:  Humble Bee Press
Not the Orient Express: An Illustrated Travelogue
Not the Orient Express describes a rail journey from London to Istanbul taken in 2009, following the route of the original Orient Express, and is illustrated with original sketches and drawings.
Publisher:  Humble Bee Press

Susan Abrill
See entry for “École Élémentaire Margaret Jenkins Elementary School, School District #61

Ruth Adkins
RUTH ADKINS is a mother of three and a past student at the Ontario Collage of Arts. She has previously published a book of poetry, and her work has appeared in Beginning’s Magazine, Island Writers Magazine, and more.
Wait Until Morning
A story of denial and despair that follows Kate Rothwell through her life with a doting father, an interfering mother, an unreliable husband, and her own deteriorating mind.
Publisher:  Diamond River Books

Gordon Alexander
Born in England, and raised in Scotland, GORDON ALEXANDER collected a Diploma of Agriculture from the University of Aberdeen. He completed two years of military service, and worked for 13 years as a tea planter in South India before emigrating to Canada.
The Road to Puthukaad: The Birth of a Tea Estate in South India
In 1894, an English Aristocrat decides to open a tea estate in the jungles of South India. This is a story of adventure, human endeavour, romance and murder.
Publisher:  FriesenPress
Website:  www.gordonalexanderauthor.com

Neil Arason
NEIL ARASON believes that if we take serious steps now, deaths and severe injuries from our roads can be eliminated by 2035. Neil lives in Victoria, BC with his wife and two children.
No Accident: Eliminating Injury and Death on Canadian Roads
No Accident examines problems related to road safety and makes recommendations for change. A multi-disciplinary study, it demystifies road safety and provides a road map for the next twenty years.
Publisher:  Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Website:  www.wlupress.wlu.ca/Catalog/arason.shtml

Elizabeth Reimer Bartel
ELIZABETH REIMER BARTEL has lived on Vancouver Island for the last thirty years with one foot firmly planted on the prairie soil of her childhood. She has published two novels (one in 2002, the other in 2012), a memoir (2012), and a book of poetry (2014).
About Those Reimers
Bartel’s memoir about growing up in Winnipeg pre-WWII – domestic and religious conflict, marriage. and living as an air force wife on Vancouver Island during WWII.
By Whatever Name
Based on the life of Bartel’s grandfather (1865-1967), this is a tale of destructive spiritual upheaval in a Manitoba Mennnonite village in 1885 which resonates through the following generations.
Website:  http://elizabethreimerbartel.wordpress.com/

Authors:  Pat Martin Bates with Joan Coldwell
  Born in 1927, PAT MARTIN BATES is an internationally recognized printmaker with work represented in galleries and private collections around the world. She is also a retired Professor of Fine Arts at the University of Victoria. JOAN COLDWELL is the publisher of Hedgerow Press, located in North Saanich, BC.
It Is I, Patricia: An Artist’s Childhood
The story of Bates’ childhood during and after World War II, showing her development as an artist and the influences that shaped her work, including her father’s early death and her own life-changing accident.
Publisher:  Hedgerow Press
Website:  www.hedgerowpress.com

J. C. Beauchamp
J. C. BEAUCHAMP is a published author, world traveler, college lecturer, poet, philosopher and inventor, now residing in Victoria.
The Eternal Instant: Understanding Irony
An inquiry into meaning, paradoxes and apparent contradictions, this book is a unique and profound investigation into the ironic twists of fate and contradictory turn of events in our daily life.
Publisher:  CreateSpace
The Partnership Protocol
Disheartened with mankind’s woes, reporter Robert Desjardin tangles with well-organized, shadowy profiteers as he pursues an extraordinary idea – save the world through global partnership alliances.
Publisher:  Create Space
Website:  www.worldpartnerships.wordpress.com
Poetry Peels: Thin Slices of Philosophy, Humor & Love
Publisher:  Create Space

Author:  Aaron Bethune
AARON BETHUNE is a music industry specialist and musicpreneur passionate about the outdoors, with a special interest in mountaineering. He currently lives in Victoria, BC, with his beautiful family.
Musicpreneur: The Creative Approach to Making Money in Music
Musicpreneur connects the dots between music and business. With a healthy dose of creativity, it provides the tools, knowledge, mindset and approach for you to build a successful career in music.
Publisher:  Above the Noise
Website:  www.musicpreneur.ca

Jacquie Biggar

JACQUIE BIGGAR is a retired restaurant owner who decided to pursue her dream of writing. She is currently secretary of VIC-RWA, the local chapter of Romance Writers of America.
Tidal Falls
Sara Reed is on the run from an abusive ex with ties to organized crime. Nick Kelley is an ex-marine. When the two meet, the experience is explosive.
Website:  www.jacquiebiggar.com

Maggie Bolitho
  MAGGIE BOLITHO is curious by nature. Before making her home in Victoria, BC, Bolitho lived in Australia. In Sydney her home was in a red-zone, the highest bushfire risk possible and it was there, when she trained as a member of the CFU (Community Fire Unit) as a firefighter, that her interest in disaster scenarios came to life.
When a great earthquake rocks the Pacific Northwest, fifteen-year-old Rowan Morgan is hiking in a suburban forest. Tremors rip the coast from Oregon to Alaska and turn Rowan’s world upside down.
Publisher:  Great Plains Teen Fiction
Website:  www.greatplains.mb.ca

Linda Breault & Dianne Gillespie
  LINDA BREAULT and DIANNE GILLESPIE are keen observers of the ways in which couples are able to create happiness in their relationships, maintain autonomy and keep romance alive.
Living Apart Together: A New Possibility for Loving Couples
This provocative work follows partners who have struggled to find alternatives to the idea that they must live together to be a happy couple. LAT relationships are emerging as a trend for intimacy.
Publisher:  FriesenPress
Website:  www.livingaparttogetherlat.com

Danny Brock
DANNY BROCK has taught Religion for over 25 years and has directed countless retreats in Canada and the USA. He is Director of Religious Education at St. Andrew’s High School in Victoria, BC.
Catholicity Ain’t What It Used To Be: Lessons for the New Evangelization from the Life of a High School Religion Teacher
A personal faith journey reflection by a high school Religion teacher. Some stories are humorous, some human interest, some tragic, but all raise the question: What’s new about the New Evangelization.
Publisher:  WestBow Press
Website:  www.westbowpress.com
Esselle and D. Aar and are retired University of Toronto professors, transported to the West Coast in 2002. When not travelling abroad, they are more or less sessile in downtown Victoria, BC.

Sever Bronny
SEVER BRONNY is a musician and author living in Victoria, BC. One of his songs can be heard in the feature-length film, The Gene Generation.
Arcane (Book One: The Arinthian Line)
Fourteen-year-old Augum and friends Bridget and Leera dream of becoming warlocks. But with a kingdom in total chaos, it will take courage, sacrifice, and an iron will to make that dream come true.
Website:  www.amazon.ca

Shaugnessy Brookes
SHAUGNESSY BROOKES works for the cruise industry, counting herself lucky to be able to travel the world and get paid for it.
Where the Waves Take Me: Musings of a Ship-Side Gypsy
Where the Waves Take Me is a peek into the world of a crew member on a cruise ship and her travels throughout the world. If you have ever traveled or spent time on a cruise ship yourself, you are sure to enjoy this touching, entertaining and at times hilarious glimpse at life ‘below the waterline.’
Website:  www.lulu.com

Michelle Buchanan
MICHELLE BUCHANAN now works in the tech industry, but was a homesteader in a remote bay on Quadra Island for many years. She grew up in Nanaimo, and received a degree from SFU. She has been an activist, a filmmaker, and a traveler.
Rolling Up: Stories
Rooted on the west coast of Canada, but reaching as far as London and Baghdad, these stories navigate the internal and external landscape of a diverse group of characters, drifters and mothers, an activist, a chef, a doctor, and soldiers, all struggling to make sense of a world where the sacred is defiled, where trust is betrayed, and where definitions of self, crumble.
Website:  michellebuchanan.ca

Thérèse Bussières
THÉRÈSE BUSSIÈRES is a teacher at Victor Brodeur School in Victoria, BC. She recently published her first book, in French: a travel journal set in New Zealand.
Décal’âge: Un rajeunissement austral
A travel journal describing Bussières’ adventures on a three-month solo journey across New Zealand.