Kids’ Books to Go

If you’re the kind of person who likes to immerse yourself in a subject, check out one of our Kids’ Books to Go Bags.Each book bag contains ten kids’ books on a popular topic, including Ancient Egypt, Astronomy, Comics, Dinosaurs, Dragons, Fairies, Grossology, Lego, Pirates, Princesses, Puzzles, and Star Wars. Most of the books are non-fiction, but you may find a few stories included as well. Books will appeal to 5-10 year olds.Kids’ Books to Go bags can be signed out for three weeks on an adult library card. See a complete list or reserve a Kids’ Books to Go bag.

How to return a Kids’ Books to Go bag?

The complete set (all 10 books) should be returned in the cloth bag to the Circulation Desk of your nearest library branch. DO NOT place the bag in the book return chute because the books may fall out and delay the turnaround period for the next borrower.

It’s very important to return all ten books together in the cloth bag. The bag is not considered returned unless complete. If material is returned late, the return charge is $1.50 a day. Grab a bag and go!