Tales from the Vault

You may see the word vault written inside some of the books in our Local History Room. They were kept in the large bank vault in the basement of the former Central Library — the old Carnegie Library on Yates at Blanshard. These “vault” books are an important part of our Local History collection. Tales from the Vault is our ongoing look at local history. In it we present some of the stories you’ll find in our old and rare books, newspaper clippings and hundreds of more recently published books of local interest. We hope it will pique your curiosity in our collection and encourage you to visit our Local History Room. You can hear more about select Tales on CBC Radio’s On the Island.

The Tales:

Sir Arthur Currie

The Maverick Nun

Sir Joseph Trutch       MP3 Audio

Mifflin Wistar Gibbs   MP3 Audio

The Lepers of D’Arcy Island     MP3 Audio

The Sea Wolf     MP3 Audio

The Vancouver / Camelford Affair     MP3 Audio

In the Land of the Headhunters     MP3 Audio

The Yuquot Whalers’ Shrine     MP3 Audio

The Pig War     MP3 Audio

Ginger Goodwin     MP3 Audio

Brother XII     MP3 Audio

Caddy (the Cadborosaurus)    MP3 Audio

John Jewitt     MP3 Audio

Francis Rattenbury – Part Two     MP3 Audio

Francis Rattenbury – Part One

Stella: When Only the Best Will Do     MP3 Audio

Jimmy Chicken     MP3 Audio

Miss Wilson and the Parrot     MP3 Audio

Chinatown Myths & Realities     MP3 Audio

The April Ghost of the Victoria Golf Links     MP3 Audio

Edward Cridge     MP3 Audio

Amor DeCosmos     MP3 Audio