Readers to Go

As any parent knows, you need a lot of books to keep your child engaged on the road to reading! Checking out a Readers to Go bag is an easy way to provide your emerging reader with a variety of books suited to their reading development.

Each book bag contains an assortment of short books with controlled vocabulary and related illustrations, specifically designed for children learning to read. There are three categories of Readers to Go to borrow: general readers in English, phonics readers, and French readers. Books will appeal to 4-7 year olds. Each bag also contains information for parents on how to support their young readers.

Readers to Go bags can be signed out for three weeks on an adult library card.

See the complete list or reserve a Readers to Go bag through our catalogue.



How to return a Readers to Go bag?

The complete set should be returned in the cloth bag to the Circulation Desk of your nearest library branch. DO NOT place the bag in the book return chute because the books may fall out and delay the turnaround period for the next borrower

It’s very important to return all books together in the cloth bag. The bag is not considered returned unless complete. If material is returned late, the return charge is $1.50 a day. Grab a bag and go!