Suggest a New Title

I’d like to suggest a title for the library to purchase

Customers are welcome to bring items to our attention that they feel would make a valuable addition to the Library’s collections.

Suggest a New Title

Check the status of your previous suggestion

What kinds of items may I suggest for the collection?

  • Items of current interest that meet the Library’s selection criteria; generally titles less than 2 years old are more available, and thus more likely to be ordered
  • Books & magazines
  • Ebooks and downloadable audiobooks
  • CDs — audiobooks or music
  • DVDs
  • Video games in the following formats: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 or Xbox One

What kinds of items should not be suggested?

  • Items already in the catalogue, either already owned or have on order
  • Not yet released books, DVDs and other items that are the latest installment in a series. If the Library has purchased earlier titles in a series, we will continue to acquire new titles/seasons until the series is completed
  • Older Books, out of print items, used items only available through private sellers and items only available through print-on-demand
  • Academic or highly technical books, textbooks and very expensive coffee table books
  • Older DVDs and CDs (audiobooks or music); DVDs and/or CDs not playable on North American players or are prohibitively expensive
  • Older video games; games in formats other than Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, PlayStation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 or Xbox One
  • Playaways, cassettes (audiobook or music), videos, CD-ROMS; these formats are no longer being collected by the library

Is there a limit to the number of requests?

Yes, please limit suggestions to a maximum of 5 requests per week.

What if I want to suggest multiple items?

Please submit separate requests for each unique item.  You can request a whole series, without the need to itemize and submit each title.

How do I submit a Suggestion for Purchase?

  • First, check our Library Catalogue to see if the item is listed. If the item appears in the catalogue, you can place a hold on it even if the status is “on order”, rather than placing a Suggestion for Purchase.
  • If you do not find the item in the Library catalogue, please complete our Suggest a New Title Online Request Form, completing all required fields.  Be sure to submit your request with accurate information, and let us know where you heard about or saw the item.  If you include a valid email address, you will receive an emailed reply.

What happens to my suggestion once it has been submitted?

Customers with a valid email address will receive a confirmation that their suggestion has been received.   Suggestions are then forwarded regularly to the selector responsible for that collection.  Selectors review Suggestions for Purchase every few weeks and either make a decision immediately, or, when more information is required or an item may not be immediately available, retain the suggestion for future consideration.

Will I get a reply?

Once a selector has made a decision, s/he will send a follow-up email reply to customers with a valid email address.  Customers without an email address may check the status of their request using the tracking ID generated at the time of submission.  For items that we will definitely order, or that we cannot acquire due to expense, availability, or suitability for the collection, you will receive a definite reply.  For items that are not immediately available, you may receive a reply that the Library will acquire the item at a future time, or that the library won’t be ordering the item now, but will keep your suggestion and reconsider it at a future date.  Customers will not receive another message if and when items are eventually ordered.

How long does it take?

Due to the volume of suggestions received and the time required to source material, it may take up to a month to receive a decision about your suggestion.   Once a decision has been made, it may then take a few weeks for the item to appear in the library catalogue.  This means the item has been ordered, and you may place a hold on it.  You will be notified when your hold becomes available.